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Rabi A. Musah, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry 
Director: Center for Achievement, Retention and Student Success (CARSS)
Postdoc: The Scripps Research Institute
Ph.D.: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Current Lab Members


Justine Giffen

Ph.D. Student
B.S.: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2012) 

Justine is a Ph.D.  student working on the development of methods that exploit ambient ionization mass spectrometric techniques for the resolution of challenges in forensic entomology. Few of the major advancements in analytical chemistry have been exploited to enhance the field of forensic entomology, and Justine's work is changing that. The methods she is developing also have application in the analysis and detection of mind altering substances.  Justine has presented her research at the Northeast Association of Forensic Scientists meeting in 2014 and the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting 2015.


Ashton Lesiak

Ph.D. Student
B.S.: Converse College (2011)

Ashton is a Ph.D. student whose research project focuses on detection and identification of legal alternatives to illicit drugs. The abuse of these substances has reached epidemic proportions and there are few efficient methods available for their analysis and definitive identification. Most recently, Ashton presented her work at the Eastern Analytical Symposium in Somerset NJ (2015) and the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS) meeting in Hyannis, MA (2015). To date, she is co-author on 13 publications featuring advancements in the application of direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) to detection of mind altering substances. She has also received awards for her work, including the Carol de Forest Student Research Grant from NEAFS (2015) and the Eastern Analytical Symposium Graduate Student Research Award (2015).



Ph.D. Student
B.S.: University of New Haven (2014)

Kristen is a Ph.D. student the focus of whose work is on development of novel ambient ionization mass spectrometric techniques that can be used for small molecule imaging of samples of forensic relevance.  Nevertheless, the methods she is developing have broad application in numerous fields including medical diagnostics, agriculture and environmental chemistry. Kristen was a co-author on the recent paper "Mechanosensitivity Below Ground: Touch-Sensitive Smell-Producing Roots in the "Shy Plant," Mimosa pudica L."


Denny He

Ph.D. Student
B.S.:  Shanghai Normal University (2012)

Denny is a Ph.D. student currently working on developing novel materials that have potential to be used in both energy storage and cancer therapeutics.  These materials are based on amino acid scaffolds into which have been introduced unnatural substituents. He recently presented his work at the 2015 LSRB Research Symposium.


Undergraduate Student


Ph.D. Student


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