Musah Lab presents at NEAFS


Kristen, Meghan, Allix, Amy and Megan traveled to Bolton Landing, NY to attend the 2018 Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists Annual Meeting. Kristen presented a talk titled “A LADI Doesn’t Lift a Finger: Laser Ablation Direct Analysis in Real Time Imaging-Mass Spectrometry (LADI-MS) of Psychoactive Small Molecules in Latent Fingermarks”. Meghan presented a talk titled “Sky High: Sorbent-Facilitated Headspace Mass Spectral Analysis for the Detection and Identification of Plant-Based Legal Highs”. Allix presented a talk titled “A Sticky Situation: The Chemometric Identification of Condom-Derived Residues by Direct Analysis in Real-Time High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry”. Amy presented a poster entitled “Species Identification of Necrophagous Beetles by Chemometric Processing of DART-HRMS Chemical Signatures of Ethanol-Insect Suspensions”. Megan presented a poster entitled “The World of Psychoactive Peppers: The Quantification of Yangonin in Piper methysticum aka ‘Kava’ by Direct Analysis in Real Time-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry”. Both Meghan and Amy received the Peter R. De Forest Best Presentation Award.

Musah Lab presents at SCIX

Professor Musah and Samira traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to present at SCIX 2018. Professor Musah presented a talk titled “Application of Artificial Neural Networks to DART-HRMS Data for the Forensic Identification of Fauna and Flora”. Samira presented a talk titled “Deep Learning-based Workflow for Identification of Psychoactive Plant Types featuring a Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry Database”.

Musah Lab presents at Chemistry Undergraduate Research Symposium


Nana-Hawwa and Allix presented at the 4th Annual Undergraduate Symposium of Chemistry Research. Nana-Hawwa gave an oral presentation titled “Development of Mass Spectrometric and Chemometric Tools for the Forensic Identification of ‘Legal High’ Psychoactive Seeds from Solanceae Plants“ and received the Best Presentation Award. Allix was the invited keynote student speaker.

Meghan receives NIJ Fellowship

Meghan was awarded the prestigious National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellowship for her research titled “Remote Detection and Identification of Psychoactive Material Based on SPME-facilitated DART-MS-derived Headspace Chemical Signatures and Chemometrics”. This award was created to support graduate students who engage in research focused on the challenges of crime and justice in the United States. Congratulations Meghan!

Paper accepted by Talanta


Allix and Samira’s paper entitled “A Chemometric Strategy for Forensic Analysis of Condom Residues: Identification and Marker Profiling of Condom Brands from Direct Analysis in Real Time-High Resolution Mass Spectrometric Chemical Signatures” was accepted by Talanta. This is Allix’s first first-author paper.