Professor Musah’s research is featured in New Scientist, Huffington Post, and Mental Floss

M. pudica  plant.

M. pudica plant.

Mimosa pudica research from the Musah Lab is highlighted in international publications.

New Scientist: Farting plants have a built-in stink bomb that deters predators

"Musah has found that the roots of some species actively release their foul smell. Her team made this discovery while growing seedlings of Mimosa pudica, known for its sensitive leaves that fold up when touched. They found that this plant’s roots are also touch-sensitive, releasing the odour when accosted (Plant PhysiologyDOI: 10.1104/pp.15.01705)."

Huffington Post: This Plant Lets Loose a Stinky Defense Mechanism When Humans Touch It 

MentalFloss: Plants Fart in the Face of Danger