Musah Lab presents at NEAFS 2017

Photo Nov 08, 17 21 41.jpg

Professor Musah, Justine, Kristen, Cameron, and Meghan presented posters at the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists in Pocono Manor, PA. Professor Musah presented "Psychedelics Leave Their Marks: Establishing Exposure to Psychoactive Plant-based Legal Highs by MALDI Mass Spectrometric Imaging of Fingermarks". Justine presented "Unscrambling the Egg: Species Identification of Necrophagous Insect Eggs by Amino Acid Profiling". Kristen presented "LADI Liberty: Development of a Mass Spectrometry Imaging Approach Free of Sample Preparation Steps for Analysis of Psychoactive Substances in Complex Matrices". Cameron presented "Reading the Fine Print: Connecting Perpetrators to Crimes by Imaging of Forensically-relevant Molecules in Fingerprints by Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging". Meghan presented "Out of Thin Air: Detecting the Presence of Plant-based Legal Highs in Air".