Musah Lab presents at NEAFS


Kristen, Meghan, Allix, Amy and Megan traveled to Bolton Landing, NY to attend the 2018 Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists Annual Meeting. Kristen presented a talk titled “A LADI Doesn’t Lift a Finger: Laser Ablation Direct Analysis in Real Time Imaging-Mass Spectrometry (LADI-MS) of Psychoactive Small Molecules in Latent Fingermarks”. Meghan presented a talk titled “Sky High: Sorbent-Facilitated Headspace Mass Spectral Analysis for the Detection and Identification of Plant-Based Legal Highs”. Allix presented a talk titled “A Sticky Situation: The Chemometric Identification of Condom-Derived Residues by Direct Analysis in Real-Time High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry”. Amy presented a poster entitled “Species Identification of Necrophagous Beetles by Chemometric Processing of DART-HRMS Chemical Signatures of Ethanol-Insect Suspensions”. Megan presented a poster entitled “The World of Psychoactive Peppers: The Quantification of Yangonin in Piper methysticum aka ‘Kava’ by Direct Analysis in Real Time-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry”. Both Meghan and Amy received the Peter R. De Forest Best Presentation Award.