Musah Lab presents at NERM

Dr. Musah, Samira, Daman, Kristen, Cameron, Meghan, Allix, Megan and Amy traveled to Saratoga Springs, NY to present at the 42nd Northeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Musah, Samira, Daman, Kristen, Cameron, Meghan, Megan and Amy presented talks titled “What’s Eating You? – A DART-HRMS and Statistical Analysis Approach to Species Identification of Maggots Colonizing Decomposing Remains for PMI Determination”, “Utility of a Hierarchical Strategy in Differentiation of Hallucinogenic Plant Species within the Nightshade Family Using Direct Analysis in Real Time-High Resolution Mass Spectrometric Data”, “Computational Study Investigating the Reaction Mechanisms, Energetics and Kinetics of the Gas-Phase Reactions of S-methyl Methanesulfinothioate (Dimethyl Thiosulfinate) with OH and Cl Radicals – Atmospheric Chemistry Implications”, “Into the Woods: Mapping the Spatial Distributions of Small Molecules in Endangered Wood Species by Laser Ablation Direct Analysis in Real Time Imaging-Mass Spectrometry (LADI-MS)”, “Touch Chemistry Biometrics to Link Compounds of Forensic Relevance to Individuals by Mass Spectrometric Imaging Analysis of Latent Fingermarks”, “Knock on Wood: Detection and Identification of Illegally-traded Endangered Woods by Mass Spectral Techniques”, “Tripping into the World of Hallucinogenic Plants – The Quantification of Salvinorin A in Salvia divinorum by Direct Analysis in Real Time-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry”, and “Advances in Forensic Entomology: The Chemometric Processing of DART-HRMS Chemical Signatures for Species Identification of Beetles that Colonize Human Remains” respectively. Allix presented a poster titled “Condom-derived Trace Evidence Identification: An Approach Using Direct Analysis in Real Time – High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Chemometrics”. Dr. Musah also organized and chaired a session on Data Fusion and Processing in Forensic Science Analysis: Innovations and Future Directions.